Color Mixer™ Wooden Bead Maze

Color Mixer™ Wooden Bead Maze

Item Number: 800801
Age: 12+ Months

Made in conjunction with Hape, Baby Einstein has transformed the look and feel of this classic toy. New features encourage your toddler to mix and match colors to see all the enchanting effects of this bead maze. Show her that her actions matter — three beads combined will start a rainbow light show! Once she pairs the right beads to their matching color base, she’ll unlock new fun tunes and hear the color names in English, Spanish and French. This toddler toy is more than just a maze – it’s the first step to art and music appreciation. With a whirl, twirl and a spin, she’ll be amazed at the way her actions cause lights to appear and music to start playing.

Product Details

Color Mixer™ Wooden Bead Maze

Category Baby Einstein
Main Materials
Pieces 1
UPC 6943478024847
Product size L: 19, W: 18.4, H: 21.6 cm
Product weight 0.6 kg
Package size L: 20, W: 20, H: 27 cm
Package weight 0.82 kg

Safety & Quality Control

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Clean with a damp cloth.
Do not wash.
Store in a dry place
Keep out of direct sunlight.
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