Discovery Buggy™ Wooden Activity Walker & Wagon

Discovery Buggy™ Wooden Activity Walker & Wagon

Item Number: 800855
Age: 12+ Months

The Discovery Buggy wooden activity walker and wagon by Baby Einstein offers multiple modes of play. From sitting to standing, he can explore however he wants. With engaging activities on either side, baby and his friends can play with this toy at the same time. He’ll twist a gear to match shapes and drop blocks into the wagon. And little brother or sister can flip and spin the bold-patterned bead chaser. The wagon bed is wide open for baby to give his stuffed animal buddies a ride around the living room. Watch him discover how to link the six removable gears on the handle to make them all spin with every step! This wooden toy makes sure that no bump in the road will slow down baby’s big adventure. Adjust the wheel tension to safely control the wagon’s speed, so your little race car driver will only go as fast as you want.

Product Details

Discovery Buggy™ Wooden Activity Walker & Wagon

Category Baby Einstein
Main Materials
Pieces 9
UPC 6943478027183
Product size L: 48.5, W: 38.4, H: 47 cm
Product weight 3.4 kg
Package size L: 54.5, W: 40, H: 22 cm
Package weight 4.54 kg

Safety & Quality Control

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Clean with a damp cloth.
Do not wash.
Store in a dry place
Keep out of direct sunlight.
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