Hape Continues the Fight Against COVID-19!

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, epidemic prevention has become a regular thing in people’s daily life, with masks turning into a must-have piece of PPE for everyone. Hape, caring about the whole of society, entrusted Hangzhou Yicang charity agency to donate 961,900 children’s masks to families and children of disadvantaged groups (disabled children, low-income groups, etc.) across China recently, protecting them from potential harm during the epidemic period.

Meanwhile, in July, the once-in-a-century heavy rain in Henan province caused large-scale flooding, inflicting severe damage to central China, with lots of buildings, shops, schools and other structures more or less destroyed. However, fighting against the flood does not end when the rains cease, since more acute post-flood issues remain -  health and hygiene problems and anti-epidemic measures in particular. In early August, Zhengzhou city of Henan province was listed as a COVID-19 epidemic high-risk area, making it even more urgent for people to take measures to protect themselves. Aside from promoting universal vaccination, daily protection materials such as masks are of vital significance at present. In this regard, Hape joined the rescue team, delivering 100,000 child masks through the Hangzhou Yicang charity agency on August 6th to the Henan Province Disabled Person Welfare Foundation, who helped hand out the masks to children in Henan.

The endeavour was Hape’s second large-scale child mask donation following on from the 200,000+ child masks donated to kindergarten children in Beilun district, Ningbo City, at the end of last year.

“To make the world a better place than we received it!” Following Hape Group Founder and CEO Peter Handstein’s long-held belief, we, as always, endeavour to do our utmost to bring happiness via Hape’s quality toys to every child across the world over a long period of time. Meanwhile, we always keep an eye on public welfare undertakings and on people in need. For decades, we have adhered to our original intentions, making donations of more than RMB 17,000,000 (in both products and cash) to people in need all over the world. During the epidemic, Hape actively took a series of measurements to do the best we could in order to repay society. At the early stage of the outbreak, Hape designated a certain proportion of its donated 5-million charity fund to purchase medical equipment or compensate medical workers and to help ease the surging demand for protective equipment. During the epidemic, Hape made several child mask donations to protect our future - the next generation. At the same time, Hape also works closely with local governments and the wider community, strictly following the latest epi-control policies and keeping a close track on the health and travel conditions of our staff in China, thusly building a solid supervision system to guarantee a safe path during through this difficult period.

As the saying goes, “happiness often comes after bitterness”, and Hape will hereby honour its commitment to its staff and to society, and continue to deliver protective masks and quality toys to children in need, healing everyone to get through this difficult period. No matter what the donation is – be it masks, toys or capital – Hape hopes to ease the pain with sincere love and happiness.

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