Hape Toys Fly into Every Corner of China

“To make the world a better place than we received it!” Following Hape Founder and CEO Peter Handstein’s long-held belief, we endeavor to do our utmost to bring happiness via Hape’s quality toys to every child across the world over a long period of time.

Making good on the promise, Hape has, once again, donated quality toys recently to children in need - children in remote and poverty-stricken areas, children in hospital, left-behind and migrant children.

1. China Toy & Juvenile Products Association (CTJPA) "B&U Care Project"

At the end of May, a batch of Hape toys worth over RMB 200,000 were delivered to 2,312 children from 13 kindergartens in remote areas of Liangshan district, Sichuan province, China, under the call of CTJPA’s "B&U Care Project". The lucky children really had fun with the donated toys and it was gratifying to see Hape toys being enjoyed by the lovely children. Amongst the donations Hape’s Enlarged Edition of Happy became a hit once it appeared in the local kindergartens.

Since 2016, we have voluntarily participated in CTJPA’s "B&U Care Project”, donating Hape toys to many remote areas in China and delivering exclusive bundles “Hape Happiness” to children in need.

2. Beijing SmileAngel Children's Hospital

In June, we donated 1,000 pieces of Hape toys to Beijing SmileAngel Children's Hospital, with total value of more than RMB 70,000+. Classic Hape items like the Blues Harmonica, the Bird-Call Whistle and Doctor On Call, all give comfort to children recovering from surgery.

The occasion marked the first time that Hape had delivered toys to children with an orofacial cleft. Aside from these examples, we hope to convey happiness via Hape toys to a wider range of children in need moving forward.

3. The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) Family-friendly Factory Space (FFS) Project

In early July, 12 kinds of Hape toys with an aggregate value of more than RMB 100,000 were transferred to over 400 left-behind and migrant children in 10 member factories of ICTI across China. Exquisite Hape items such as kitchens, blocks, DIY and embroidery toys caught the children’s eyes and will help them have a happy summer over the next two months.

As a member of ICTI, we have supported the FFS Project for three consecutive years since 2019, helping and providing happiness to China’s left-behind and migrant children.

More than just a world-leading educational toy brand, a design and manufacturing leader of high quality educational toys and products, Hape strives to benefit children and society as a whole. For decades we have adhered to our original intentions, making donations of more than RMB 17,000,000 (in both products and cash) to people in need, and will, for certain, continue to spread happiness and warmth to more and more children, making the world a better place than the one we received.



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