Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio Honoured at the Tillywig Toy & Media Awards!

The Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio, a novel item for 2020, has bagged a Tillywig Toy & Media Award before going to market, winning the  “Best Children’s Products Award”!

The Tillywig Awards (aka the Tillywig Toy & Media Awards) is a significant reference for American parents when choosing good quality toys for their children. It’s also a prestigious award within the industry for retailers, parents and related media in the USA, and exerts great influence on the market. A professional testing team, comprised of representatives of consumers, retailers, media and more, evaluates the quality, appearance, creativity, ease of first use, replay value, social interaction and motor skills of a submitted product before selecting winners in the various categories (“Best Creative Fun Award”, “Best Family Fun Award”, “Top Fun Award”, etc). The Tillywig Awards aims to provide retailers, media, parents, educators, and consumers worldwide with detailed information and expertly written reviews of superior children's products available on today's marketplace.

The celebrated DJ Mix & Spin Studio is the latest music toy launched by Hape, and features accurate timbres with 4 instrument sounds and 18 fun sound-effects. Let your little ones get familiar with different musical instrument sounds and explore their music potential through play. With this portable, wood-combined DJ studio, you can set one of the 5 background tunes off and use the tempo slider to change the speed, add DJ sound-effects and scratch along to the music using the black record! Your little ones will entertain themselves all afternoon, savouring the music in their own little world!

Other than helping build stronger memory skills, sensitivity to timbres and rhythm, nurturing an interest in modern electronic music and developing hand-eye coordination skills, this DJ studio also helps your children develop patience and willpower, encouraging their creativity and feeding their musical potential through play. Furthermore, before going to market, we conducted a play-test among children aged between 12-months and 7-years old. Based on the positive feedback, we are fully convinced that this DJ studio will not only entertain your children, but will also help them develop an interest in music, learn more about musical knowledge and develop their concentration spans.

Recognised by the Tillywig Awards - a significant marker in the industry, together with the positive feedback from the child product-testers - the Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio is proven to be interesting and educational with great quality and appearance. So, get one for your child and perhaps the next great musician will emerge from your home!

See more information at: https://www.tillywig.com/Toys-Games/DJ-Mix-and-Spin-Studio

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