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Quadrilla Welcomes Children Back to School

On 1st September 2018, Hape took part in the “Welcome Back to School” party co-hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce and the German School in Shanghai. During these festivities welcoming students back for the new school term, Hape organized a Quadrilla Marble Run Challenge.

The “Welcome Back to School” party included exciting live shows, entertaining games, yummy snacks, and welcomed children back from their long summer vacations, encouraging them to begin their new term with fun and laughter. As a member of the German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the Hape Group provided the children with an original, innovative and unique educational toy – the Quadrilla Marble Run building game. The quickest Quadrilla Castle Escape builder could win a whole set of Quadrilla toys as the grand prize.

At the party, the children signed up for the competitions with enthusiasm and challenged themselves continuously. Parents were also mesmerised watching the children set their wits to build Quadrilla. The parents were able to experience how the high-quality educational toys offer a powerful and beneficial influence on children’s development, stimulating children to a better understanding of spatial structure, expanding their spatial imagination, enhancing their hands-on abilities, and extending their concentrated attention. In the end, Guo Lexing from China won the laurels. In just three minutes, he managed to build a set of Quadrilla Castle Escape, and attained the ultimate prize. Linus from Germany, the winner from the previous year also attended the party, defending his record and succeeded in challenging himself to achieve a better time. According to Linus's mother, not only is Linus a big fan of Quadrilla, but the other two children at home are also in love with Hape’s Quadrilla series. They often spend a lot of time together building and have fun.

Quadrilla Marble Run is designed by Mr. Braun, a German electronics engineer. It is a quintessential STEAM toy that combines S (science), T (technology), E (engineering), A (art) and M (mathematics). Quadrilla Marble Run integrates small pieces such as transformable splicing blocks, 180-degree horizontal tracks, accelerators and colorful marbles, which can all be built together in different designs. This also enables children to be exposed to centripetal force, gravity, friction and other principles during play and develop cognitive ability and concentration at the same time, truly meeting the standard of “learn through play.”

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