The Efforts to Battle COVID-19 Continue

Winter has come and COVID-19 is still dominating the headlines. In order to have a safe and happy new year, strict protective measures should always be taken by all.

As an enterprise responsible for its staff and wider society, Hape again donated a large array of protective supplies (child-masks) to children across China, after a similar donation at the beginning of 2020. Over 200,000 child-masks have been passed on to more than 40,000 children in need recently, with Hape’s love and heartfelt wishes deposited inside.

Apart from donations for society, Hape has always attached great importance to its Hape Family members. Under the severe pandemic circumstances that the world currently finds itself in, Hape has never relaxed its vigilance and duty of care to its big family. We stay close to every staff member and make sure that Hape is a safe place to work in.

2020 has been a tough year under the gloom of the virus, and we all hope that 2021 will lead all of us into a bright future, as “happiness often comes after bitterness”. Hape will hereby honour its commitment to its staff and continue to make its contribution to society in the battle against COVID-19. No matter what the donation is - be it masks, toys or capital - Hape hopes to ease the pain with sincere love and happiness.

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