Item Number: E6313
Age: 4+ Years

Use the transparent image overlays to complete the game board pictures.

Learning goals - Visual (which parts are missing?) - Experimentation (complete the drawing) - Words (expressing the choices made) Contents - 3 game boards - 24 transparent cards How to play Place transparent cards on the game board so each one completes a picture. Experimenting with the images can bring a good laugh. Game alternative: The game boards are passed out and the transparent cards are placed in a pile. Take turns picking a card. If it belongs on your game board, place the card on it. If not, pass the turn to the next player. The first to fill up his or her game board wins.

Product Details


Category Home Education
Main Materials Wood, Water based paint, PET
Pieces 27
UPC 6943478012325
Package size L: 66, W: 15.2, H: 66cm

Product Features

1 Combine to create the image

2 Helps kids develop image awareness

3 Encourages problem solving

Motor Skills

Move the pieces to find the solutions

Packaging Design

Safety & Quality Control

Sharp Point Test
Bite Force Test
Tensile Test
Small Parts Test
Color Test
Drop Test


Clean with a damp cloth.
Do not wash.
Store in a dry place
Keep out of direct sunlight.