Shape and Shadow

Item Number: E6306
Age: 4+ Years

Match the shadow image cards with their colored pictures.

Learning goals - Matching images   - Taking turns - Visual memory Contents -4 game boards (color / positive images) - 16 shadow playing cards (grey / negative images) How to play Place the playing cards face down. Take turns collecting cards from a face down memory board arrangement or from a pile. Find the matching shadow images. The first to fill their board is the winner. Once mastered, let the child trace the shadowed images onto paper and color them in.

Product Details

Shape and Shadow

Category Home Education
Main Materials Wood, Water based paint, Paper
Pieces 20
UPC 6943478012257
Package size L: 55.9, W: 15.2, H: 55.9cm

Product Features

1 Match the shadow to the image

2 Encourages visual recognition

3 Encourages visual recognition

Motor Skills

Move the pieces to find the solutions

Packaging Design

Safety & Quality Control

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Clean with a damp cloth.
Do not wash.
Store in a dry place
Keep out of direct sunlight.