Waterfall Tunnel

Item Number: E3716
Age: 3+ Years

Safely drive your train through the tunnel as a mighty waterfall tumbles down from above! When the tunnel wall is tipped upside down the magic blue liquid inside trickles down and looks just like a real jungle cascade!

1. Set the waterfall in motion by tipping the tunnel wall upside down. 2. Drive your train through the tunnel as the mighty waterfall tumbles down.

Product Details

Waterfall Tunnel

Category Railway
Main Materials
Pieces 2
UPC 6943478018273
Product size L: 30, W: 14, H: 18cm
Product weight 0.1 kg
Package size L: 16.5, W: 16, H: 11.5cm
Package weight 0.1 kg

Packaging Design

Safety & Quality Control

Sharp Point Test
Bite Force Test
Tensile Test
Small Parts Test
Chemical Test
Drop Test


Clean with a damp cloth.
Do not wash.
Store in a dry place
Keep out of direct sunlight.

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