Kids’ room: don't miss these decorations!

Kids’ room: don't miss these decorations!

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Every child dreams a colourful room for his own recreation, a place to play with a lot of amazing toys and have fun. Kids' room is the place where children live the most wonderful adventures, that’s why it needs to be a safe, comfortable place to express creativity freely.

How to decorate kids’ room?


There’s plenty of beautiful decorations you can simply utilise for your kid’s room, here you can find some tips to turn a ordinary room to a fantastic place!

Walls are a blank canvas for their creativity. As soon as children can hold pencils and paintbrushes, preventing them from writing and drawing on walls might be really hard!

Well, just try to re-think walls as children do and give them the chance to paint walls as they like most.

Want to see some inspirations?

1.       Blackboard paint or blackboard adhesive stickers

image.pngUse a blackboard paint or blackboard adhesive stickers for parts of walls or old furniture, on which children can freely draw.

You can bring your old drawers to a new life, for example, using blackboard paint to cover the front and letting your kids write or draw on what is inside. It can be a fun way to teach them how to keep room order.

With blackboard paint you can revamp furniture without spending a lot of money and make kid’s room fun and interactive.

This kind of paint is affordable and easy to find. More than that, it allows you let them get creative without worry.

2.       Magnetic Wall

image.pngPut a magnetic board where your kid can stick his favourite magnets and coloured letters.

This encourages creativity and improves writing and reading skills.

Recognizing and memorizing the alphabet can be enjoyable using different coloured magnetic letters. If you don’t want to turn the wall in a magnetic one but you like the idea of using magnetic letters to improve children skills, you can choose Hape ABC magnetic letters to encourage letter recognition and memorization. This beautiful toy helps children identify and practice letters and allows them to move and stick letters on a magnetic surface.

3.       Washable painted walls

image.pngWhat about letting children paint walls by their own?

You can use washable paints for your kid room walls so children have the chance to paint whatever they want on them. Flowers and rainbows will probably appear on walls while they have fun. But the funniest thing is that they can decorate the wall differently everyday.

Don’t forget to choose eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, in order to respect the environment and the health of our little ones.

4.       Stickers and stencils

image.pngIf you want to bring colours and light to your kids’ room you can decorate walls with stickers and stencils, for waves of joy for your little one! Choose figures of jungle animals to bring a bit of wild in the room, your child will learn soon to recognize them! And if your child loves animals, you can complete the jungle style room with some fun Hape toys, such as  Big Nose Jungle Puzzle or Alphabet & Animal Parade… your little one will enjoy their favourite animal by learning a lot of new things.

Besides, there is no kid’s room without toys!

Keeping toys in order is not so easy and sometimes makes us feel frustrated and confused. Use coloured boxes to store the toys when children stop to play.

Children can also participate in the creation of labels to apply together on the box. This is a little trick to teach them to keep the room clean.

So, what’s your favourite decoration? Let us see how you decorated your kid’s room and tell us your original idea commenting our post on socials!

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