A Career Path With a Meaningful Impact——International Nurses Day, May 12, 2022

International Nurses Day is a global celebration that honours nurses and their tireless efforts and commitments to keeping us healthy and safe. The pressure on nurses - especially over the past two Covid-impacted years - has only grown more acute, and it is nurses from around the world that are at the forefront of our healthcare systems. Today, in celebration of the International Nurses Day, we want to take the opportunity to honour and respect the essential role nurses play in society as a whole, and to the individuals that populate the globe.

It All Started With a Dream

The nursing profession as we know it today began with a young women’s ambition to provide better care for her patients, and her dedication to finding ways to improve the conditions of the prevalent health care settings. Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, and - despite her family’s disapproval - completed her training and started working as a nurse in the middle of the 19th century. When the Crimean War erupted, she was sent to care for wounded soldiers in the British military camps. Florence quickly noticed that the high mortality rate of patients was associated with the unsanitary conditions in the camps. In order to improve these unhealthy conditions, she introduced simple hygiene practices to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Her measures significantly reduced the mortality rate of the soldiers.

In her endless efforts to care for patients, Florence would take a night-lamp with her during visits and check-ups, and this is how she became widely known as the “Lady with the Lamp”. Until today, Florence Nightingale is celebrated as the founder of modern nursing.

Caring by Choice

Nursing today is one of the largest and most diversified professions within the health care sector, and the emotional rewards of nursing are distinct in comparison to other professions. Nurses often are the first and last to provide care and comfort to patients and their families. By means of kindness, compassion and selflessness, nurses are given the unique opportunity to positively affect people’s health and lives every single day. In their mission to keep us all healthy, their role in society is extremely meaningful. Unfortunately, nurses are often undervalued, and it is doctors that are perceived as the most important people in the healthcare system.

In an effort to change this perception, we at Hape wish to take this opportunity to thank all the nurses from around the world for their courage and dedication, and to honour the sacrifices that nurses make to keep us safe and healthy at all times!

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