Family - A Place Close to the Heart——International Family Day, May 15, 2022

Widely considered to be the bedrock of our civilisation, “the family unit” plays an essential part in our society. To the individual, family lays the foundations for emotional and social behaviour, and whilst familial relationships will impact us throughout our entire lives, the influence is most prevalent during our childhoods. In a child’s life, family is probably the single most important thing - and central to their development and learning.

Education Begins at Home

Family forms and living arrangements may have diversified over time, but yet it is in the family environment where most learning begins for every child around the world. Parents are children’s first teachers and role models; they help children to develop important values such as morals, respect and care for others - but also courage and compassion. A confident and resilient child, for instance, possesses these qualities because it has been given the right tools and support from their parents.

Yet, the influence parents can have on child development doesn’t stop by nurturing social and emotional competencies. Research has shown that the early years of a child is where most brain development occurs, and it is where children begin to cultivate important background knowledge that will help them to better understand complex subjects, like math and literacy, later in life.

As a matter of fact, it is the time at home - before children set a foot in any classroom - that many of the foundations for future learning, health and later academic success are put together.

Playtime and Family Time

At Hape, we support children’s development and learning through play. All children benefit from playtime - and free play particularly has proven to foster important skills in children. But there are special benefits for children who enjoy parent-child play. It is the reason why in our slogan, “Love, Play, Learn”, we decided to put “Love” first. We believe that mutual love between a parent and their child is the precondition for play and learning to happen.

We want to bring families closer and strengthen their relationships. Through our puzzles, role play, constructions and railway sets, we want to provide parents and family with the opportunity to connect, bond and have fun together, as we believe it is through these unforgettable moments together that children grow and thrive.

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