Hape Holding AG. Initiates “Sandpit Cleaning” Activity

On the eve of Children’s Day, a sandpit cleansing activity led by Hape CEO Peter Handstein and a team of more than 30 volunteer staff took place in Haichen Park (Beilun District). The crew gathered to clean the park and replace the sand inside the popular sandpit area.

In 2017, inspired to create a cosier outdoor environment for the children of Beilun that would encourage them to get close to nature, Hape donated a set of Danish outdoor playground facilities to Haichen Park - all of which could be used for free. Accordingly, the public playground has attracted numerous children and local citizens since its opening. Inevitably, the great number of visitors creates some sanitation problems, and Peter - a man who has always been concerned with the cleanliness of children’s outdoor playgrounds - and his team tried their best to improve the environment around the Haichen Park playground. He organised a volunteer cleaning team to tackle the problem and carried out many tasks himself - underlining his true love for children. Committed to the next generation as always, creating a safer and cosier playground is a great holiday gift from Hape to children in Beilun.

Hape pays close attention to the growth of children and has been committed to creating a better world for the next generation since the day it was established. Charity is not only one simple activity however, it is more than a long-term mission that anchors on your actions year on year and your dedication to a given cause. One of our solutions is to take on more social responsibility in order to satisfy the public and maintain our plan for sustainable development. Ultimately, protecting the environment and nurturing the growth of children needs everyone’s attention and our combined efforts.

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Hape Holding AG

Hape, (“hah-pay”), is a leader in designing and manufacturing high quality baby and children’s wooden toys made from sustainable materials. The eco-friendly company formed in 1986 by Founder and CEO Peter Handstein in Germany.

Hape produces the highest standards of quality through stringent control systems and a world class production facility. Hape brands are sold through specialty retail, toy stores, museum gift stores, school supply stores and select catalog and internet accounts in over 60 countries.

Hape has won numerous awards from prestigious independent toy testing groups for toy design, quality and safety. Find us also on Weibo(http://weibo.com/hapetoys) or “like” us at facebook(http://www.facebook.com/hapetoys)

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