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On the occasion of Children's Day, Hape’s Global Marketing Team does a lot to delve deeper into the Chinese market and learn more about Chinese parents and children in lieu to narrowing the distance between ourselves and consumers.

Interactive Survey

What kind of parent are you?

We, via social media, our official website and in our communities, invite all interested consumers to take the test and have a try. Just click the button to start the test and, after a few questions, participants can receive an analysis on what kind of parent he/she is or at least tends to be. Among the eight distinctive types, 42% of participants are more likely to be a “Zebra Parent”, parents that keep strict rules and reward and punish accordingly and are neither too doting or too harsh for their children. Parents nowadays are inclined to be “friends” with their children, forming an equal and open environment for their little ones to grow-up in. In addition, every participant was offered a chance to take part in a rotary draw to potentially be awarded attractive prizes such as the Hape New Explorer Balance Bike, Red, Learn with Lights Ukulele–Blue, Railway Bucket-Builder-Set, alongside discount coupons to be used on Hape online shops.

Warm Video

A video focusing on the spirit of empathy has been shared on TikTok, in our communities, on Weibo and across other social media outlets in China. The video shows how a young child takes the initiative to experience the pain of others and tries to encourage someone who is struggling through pure companionship, heartfelt happiness and Hape toys. In the video Hape Balance Wonder helps the little boy have fun with his classmate who is injured at the time. We hope that, like in the video, support every child and family with love contained by Hape toys. You are not alone in your growth, we are here to support every one of you!

Hape intends to design and manufacture the best toys for children, and to do that we must dig into the market to learn more about the mindset of parents. We have done and will try more ways to communicate with parents and learn more about the market, in order to provide the best toys and happiness to children. In addition, we support every family to let parents become better ones through their children’s feedback while children grow up better with their own talent and gifts blossom, via quality Hape toys as well as a trustworthy partner in children’s growth. As always, we endeavour to develop children’s learning spirit through playing experiences, and prepare them for a better world ahead.









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