Trail Rider

Item Number: E1054
Age: 12+ Months

Dare to go on adventures on-road and off with this four-wheeled wonder.

Initially, encourage your child to explore mobility on smooth, flat, open spaces . As they gain confidence, propose different surfaces, longer distances and outdoor situations. Never allow your child to use the product on inclines, near traffic, unaccompanied or in areas that may be unsafe for them.

Product Details

Trail Rider

Category Walkers & Ride-ons
Main Materials Wood, Metal, TPE, PA, PP, EVA
UPC 6943478015685
Product size L: 19.69, W: 7.87, H: 14.17 inch
Product weight 1.50 lbs
Package size L: 22.05, W: 16.34, H: 16.34 inch
Package weight 1.18 lbs

Safety & Quality Control

Sharp Point Test
Bite Force Test
Tensile Test
Small Parts Test
Color Test
Drop Test


Clean with a damp cloth.
Do not wash.
Store in a dry place
Keep out of direct sunlight.